A Style for All Seasons: Explore Our Commercial Window Marker Patterns

A Style for All Seasons: Explore Our Commercial Window Marker Patterns

When you hear the term “bird deterrent markers,” what do you think of? Perhaps you think it’s an object that scares birds away, or envision an ugly, industrial-looking contraption that will obstruct your view and threaten the birds!

Luckily, Feather Friendly®’s window markers are designed with both the birds and consumers in mind. Our team has designed innovative, beautiful window marker patterns that are exclusive to our commercial installations. Each pattern will provide your office with superior bird collision prevention in a safe, aesthetically pleasing manner. If you’re a business owner, bird lover, or both, keep reading to learn more about how our proven solution can make your office space Feather Friendly®

Keep Birds Safe at the Office with a Custom Retrofit!

While our DIY window marker product is ideal for residential customers and small-scale installations, we also offer specialized solutions that cater to large-scale buildings, too. Since 2005, Feather Friendly® has assisted companies across North America, and the world, with installing bird deterrent markers. Rated for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions, our commercial patterns will reduce bird collisions during spring and fall migration for decades to come. In fact, our earliest installations are still going strong today! Check out this blog post about the National Renewable Energy Lab’s commendable installation, which continues to provide worry-free bird collision prevention in Golden, Colorado.

And we’ve been hard at work developing a product that delivers both optimal collision prevention and a stylish look. Currently, our commercial clients have access to 10 unique stock patterns that are scientifically proven to prevent needless bird collisions. Clients can also contact us to discuss custom retrofit options that combine Feather Friendly®’s durability with your personal touch.

Some of our exciting commercial offerings include:

  • Clear Railing Systems: An excellent option for a corporate building or office that has modern, glass detailing, our black window markers can be used on glass railings or other reflective surfaces that are prone to bird collisions.
  • Colour/Shimmer Film Strips: Reflect your brand in a bird-friendly manner with our coloured, reflective strips! Eye-catching and fun, these strips will attract attention without attracting birds!
  • Perforated Graphic Film: Do you have an image or logo that you want to display? Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom window film that provides optimal visibility while displaying an image.
  • Professional Assistance: Not sure how to get started with your installation? Give our team a call to learn more about our retrofit process, our company, and our Feather Friendly guarantee.

Just visit our commercial gallery to check out some photos from our commercial clients!

Thank You for Being a Part of Our Flock

Did you know? Buildings of all sizes pose a threat to local and migrating species. And that means it’s up to businesses and corporations to do their part to prevent window collisions. Call or e-mail Feather Friendly® today to learn more about our commercial products and our custom, commercial designs!

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