Beyond the Window Markers: Check out These Bird-Friendly Organizations

Here at Feather Friendly®, we know that installing your own DIY kit, or connecting with us to create a custom, commercial installation is the best way to keep birds safe from window collisions. However, as we get close to Migratory Bird Day and welcome migratory species back home, there are many ways that you can help protect birds and support biodiversity, too.

So, if you’re ready to take your conservation efforts even further, our amazing partners can help! Today, we’re sharing just a few of the local and national organizations that you can connect with to protect birds at home and in your community. Whether you’re volunteering at an event or participating in one, we know you’re in good wings at these organizations.

Learn About Our Partners in Conservation!

Are you looking for other ways to help the birds?

Start a new conversation about conservation by connecting with the ambassadors, partners and associations that share your passion for collision prevention!

  • Birds Canada is a Canadian organization that is headquartered in Rowan, Ontario. As “Canada’s voice for the birds” Birds Canada is committed to helping citizens understand, appreciate and support birds. With over 70,000 volunteers, Birds Canada has a robust Citizen Science initiative, which has programs across the nation, and has numerous resources on its site to help you protect birds and mitigate impacts on bird habitats.
  • Tadoussac Bird Observatory (OOT)Located in Quebec, Ontario, close to the St. Lawrence River, the Tadoussac Bird Observatory (OOT) serves as not only a research facility, but also an exceptional place to watch birds: because of its unique location, the OOT is a hotspot for migratory birds, making it the ideal location for Explos-Nature’s research program, as well as for citizens who are curious about migratory behaviours. The OOT is known for its work with various conservation initiatives, including the North American Bird Conservation Initiative ( NABCI .
  • Green Venture: Are you passionate about birds and climate change? Greenventure’s initiatives are committed to creating sustainable actions that can reduce our environmental impact and support both human and animal populations. Located in Hamilton, Greenventure offers various resources to youth in the city. Their various programs and services can help people of all ages take an interest in conservation.
  • Living Sky Wildlife RehabilitationDo you want to help animals that have been injured? In addition to helping birds that have survived window collisions, Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation is committed to rehabilitating injured and orphaned animals. The team at LSWR not only helps animals to return to their habitats, but also educates the public on how to prevent and live with wildlife. Are you interested in helping rehabilitate wildlife in Saskatoon? Here are a few ways that you can help!

And remember—there’s always more than one way to do your part for bird conservation. Whether it’s sharing your information with friends, participating in a bird-watching event, reducing your waste, and supporting local and national wildlife organizations, your actions can support biodiversity and keep birds safe, too.

How Do You Keep Things Feather Friendly®?

Whether you’ve purchased a DIY kit for every window or are looking forward to putting out your bird feeder, we want you to show us how you’re planning to keep things Feather Friendly® this April! Need some help getting started? Contact us today to learn more about our custom commercial installations!

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