Celebrating Bird-friendly Initiatives in North America

The past two years have undoubtedly been challenging: between unforeseen challenges related to COVID-19, worker shortages, mental health, and more, 2022 is as full of possibility as it is uncertainty. And yet, despite it all, Feather Friendly has been thrilled to see various organizations, advocates, scientists, and bird enthusiasts devote their and energy to protecting bird species in North America and beyond.

So, as we confront another new year, we’d like to take a moment to highlight just a few of the many bird-friendly installations, legislation, and initiatives that have kept North American birds safe from deadly window collisions. It’s our hope that these acts of conservation will inspire others to do what they can to not only protect our bird populations, but also spark hope for the future.

Here’s a Look at Some of Our Favourite Bird-Friendly Moments from 2021

North York MPP Calls for Bird-Friendly Mandate

It’s not often that the birds get involved in politics! But bird-friendly legislation has continued to gain traction as organizations, citizens, and advocates push for governments to act against window collisions. This past October, the birds took centre stage as Canadian MPP Chris Glover introduced a motion that mandated the use of the CSA 2019 Bird-Friendly Building Design Standard on new residential and commercial construction. Glover’s motion, which was supported by FLAP Canada and the Toronto Ornithological Club, among others, illustrates necessity of implementing bird-friendly legislation at all levels of government, which will protect both migratory and local birds and, by extension, local economies.

Feather Friendly® was proud to endorse the motion, which signifies greater conservation efforts in Ontario.

U.S. Representatives Introduce Migratory Bird Protection Act

In the summer of 2021, U.S. Representatives Alan Lowenthal, Brian Fitzpatrick, and 46 co-sponsors introduced the Migratory Bird Protection Act (MBPA). This Act was meant to reaffirm the commitments laid out in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MTBA), which had been cancelled by the Trump administration. With the MTBA no longer protecting birds from “unconstrained incidental take,” Congressman Lowenthal’s Act has helped to create a united commitment toward protecting, and implementing laws that preserve native and migratory species.

Your Commercial and Residential Installations!

Although the pandemic’s numerous restrictions have made it difficult to maintain a sense of community, dedicated birders, scientists, and citizens have continued to advocate for birds both in-person and online. We’re equally pleased to recognize all the homeowners and business owners who used their time during lockdown to focus on making their homes and offices bird-friendly—we’re honored to be a part of your projects.

In addition to admiring some of our residential installations and commercial installations from our clients, we invite you to share your own installation, or check out our Project Recognition Page to tell us more about your installation.

Make Your February Feather Friendly®

With almost 11 months before us, February allows us to take stock of all that we’ve accomplished and look forward to what’s ahead. Together with our fellow bird enthusiasts, we’re looking forward to celebrating more bird-friendly wins before the year’s end. If you’d like to kick-off February with your own Feather-Friendly® initiative, contact us today to learn more about our products and how you can get started.

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