Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day with Two of Our Installations!

“Migratory birds are world travellers. For generations they have connected people, countries and ecosystems. But they also have a front row seat to what we at UNEP call the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.”

—Inger Anderson, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the UN Environment Program.

World migratory bird day is back! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been half a year since we participated in WMB Day in May. So, as we bid the birds farewell on their flight South, we’re reflecting on two of our projects from Toronto and New York to emphasize the importance of making buildings bird-friendly, and how homeowners, businesses and government bodies are doing their part to make skies safer for birds.

Making Skies Safer for Birds in October

Although COVID-19 restrictions have altered the way in which we approach both international and national travel in North America, the pandemic has had a trivial effect on where, and how, birds travel! And with the skies still open for birds of all species, we can expect to see many of our feathered friends taking flight this fall. But the birds aren’t alone on their journey: This season, you’re invited to celebrate the bird’s bi-annual trek south with World Migratory Bird Day, which kicks off on the 9th of October. Together, we can participate in birding events that will celebrate and highlight the challenges that bird populations face during migration.

And while migration leaves birds vulnerable to natural predators, harsh weather conditions and physical exhaustion, other challenges, such as window collisions, climate change, and declining natural habitats, have affected the natural behaviours and habitats of birds. So, what can you do to help? In addition to taking an interest in local and migratory bird species, using Feather Friendly window markers in just one way to show your support for birds everywhere. In honour of World Migratory Bird Day, here are two of our recent installations that are helping birds enjoy a safer flight south in 2021.

Our Biggest Retrofit Yet at the TD Center!

Although Toronto’s Toronto-Dominion (TD) Centre, located in Toronto’s Financial District, is an iconic structure in the city’s landscape, the building has been home to an alarming number of bird collisions. So, when Cadilacc Fairview (CF), the real estate company that owns the TD Centre, announced that they would be taking steps to make their building bird friendly, our team was honoured to be a part of this massive installation. The TD Centre is the same building that Michael Mesure, founder of FLAP Canada, first recognized the devastating effects of window collisions among local bird populations. In partnership with FLAP Canada, the TD Centre will be getting a custom retrofit installed to mitigate glare on its exterior windows. Our specially designed window markers are scientifically proven to reduce deadly window reflections, since birds mistake the reflected landscape as a reflection of their environment. Our markers help birds to “see” the window and therefore avoid potentially harmful collisions. You can read more about the TD Centre installation by checking out the article featured on FLAP Canada’s website.

A Little Install Helps Birds Go a Long Way in New York

Did you know that bird collisions can occur on any reflective surface? Although it’s easy to assume that most bird collisions are caused by skyscrapers, even small structures like railings and cars can lure birds to their death. Consider this pedestrian railing in New York City’s Liberty Park: despite its low profile, this piece of pedestrian-friendly infrastructure has been anything but bird-friendly for species migrating through the flyways. To prevent future collisions in the city’s park, the Port Authority worked with the American Bird Conservancy to organize a Feather Friendly® installation on the Liberty Park railing. The patterned markers have been preventing bird strikes ever since its erection.

World Migratory Bird Day Starts Now

As we count down the days to October’s world migratory bird day, we want to show individuals in North America and across the world how they can not only celebrate our feathered friends, but also protect them. Incorporating bird-friendly markers on reflective surfaces can help to protect declining bird populations. Contact us today to purchase your commercial or residential solution to give birds their best migration season yet.

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