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According to an article in Sarnia This Week, the total number of bird collisions varies between resident and migratory species. In fact, Feather Friendly® ambassador Brendan Samuels, a PhD student at Western University, emphasized the need to distinguish between resident birds and migratory birds, which are at a much higher risk for bird collisions. And, while there are several preventative measures that homeowners and businesses can use to protect bird populations, durability and effectiveness are key to making a long-lasting, sustainable difference.

Because window collisions are one of the leading causes of death among migratory birds, companies that own, operate and work in large buildings can help reduce the risk of collisions by researching and adopting local, federal and municipal standards, legislations and guidelines.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate bird-friendly strategies at the office, your business can protect birds with our dedicated commercial and custom bird markers. We’re sharing some of our favourite designs and resources that will allow you to protect birds everywhere!

Protect Migratory Birds with Feather Friendly®

Whether your building is three stories or thirty, determining the type and size of the window marker installation can seem daunting—after all, you’ll want the final product to be not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, too.

But no matter where or when you’re starting your bird-friendly journey, Feather Friendly®’s website is packed with helpful information, customer feedback and resources to help you bring your bird conservation dreams to fruition! Check out these resources to get inspired:

  • Check Out Our Commercial Gallery: Discover successful installations from across North America by visiting our Commercial Gallery page! In addition to offering beautiful photographs from just a few of our past installations, you’ll get to see how Feather Friendly®’s various spacing patterns and custom designs look on a variety of building styles and sizes.
  • Get Creative with Our Custom Solutions: Are you as passionate about style as you are about bird conservation? Then customizing your window markers can help you blend architecture with collision prevention. Feather Friendly® is proud to offer a range of options to help you reduce bird collisions.
  • Go Beyond the Windows: Did you know that birds can collide with any glass surface? In addition to windows, birds are drawn to other surfaces like clear railings, car windows, bus shelters and more. To protect against collisions on fly-through glass, Feather Friendly®’s unique Black Markers are designed to be more visible.
  • Review the CSA Bird Friendly Design Standard: Developed by experts from a variety of industries, the CSA’s Bird Friendly Design Standard is an amazing, free resource that is available to business owners around the world. This document articulates the various design requirements for buildings, site design, glazing and more, and has helped to establish a concrete set of standards for proven bird collision prevention. Feather Friendly® is proud to have sponsored free, view-only access of this exceptional document, which can be accessed by anyone who has a valid email address!

Discover Custom Solutions with Feather Friendly®’s Commercial Products

With almost two decades of Commercial Installation experience, Feather Friendly® is committed to bird collision prevention, and public education. In addition to developing a durable, reliable product, we’re proud to produce an expanding line of products that are specifically manufactured for commercial and residential use.

So, no matter what your dream installation looks like, we’re here to help: connect with us today to start protecting birds!

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