Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness - Not Just for the Birds

The toll these last several months have taken on our overall wellness has been great. Many people are finding themselves having aches and pains they never had before, feelings of depression or anxiety or just a general disconnect from the way they used to feel.

More and more people are working from home, gyms have been closed and support groups have been limited to online gatherings or nothing at all. Taking all of this into consideration, people are feeling the need to replenish themselves like never before.

After nearly two years of travel restrictions, isolation and breathing through masks, we can clearly see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s finally time to step outside and take a deep breath of clean unfiltered air, making camping, cottage stays and road trips the theme for this summer.

Unlock the Restorative Benefits of Nature

If you are looking for the ultimate getaway that checks all the boxes to replenish your mind, body and spirit and give you back a feeling of general wellness then look no further. Less than two hours northwest of Toronto, a company called Arcana has created the perfect Valhalla right in the middle of the woods to give you exactly that. They will begin welcoming guests in mid-August to their 275 square foot architectural cabins that boasts absolutely everything you need to relax and unwind, all while taking in the very best that nature has to offer.

On-site experiences include a private sauna, hikes and guided forest bathing on 15 km of marked trails. Guests can also immerse themselves in a custom meditative sound journey. Wifi is also available for your convenience, but the hope is to avoid those distractions and just take in the experience to its fullest. 

The secluded cabins are designed to almost disappear into their surrounding settings. Being constructed of pine in the interior and the exterior in polished steel, they are hardly noticeable until you are right in front of them.

Keeping with our mission to make homes and buildings safe for birds, Feather Friendly is proud to play a part in this fantastic venture. Arcana will be using our adhesives to protect the birds in their natural habitat from being harmed in any way. Thus, allowing guests to enjoy the almost camouflaged front row seats to not only bird watching but all wildlife in its most natural setting.

So, pack your bags, dust off those binoculars and get outside! If you're looking to protect our avian friends, be sure to contact us

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