The Best Time of Year to Install Feather Friendly® Window Markers

In August of 2021, our partner Safe Wings Ottawa shared a virtual display to help raise awareness for bird collisions in Canada: This powerful visual display used 4015 specimens of birds, which were collected by volunteers during 2019-2020. The display serves to illustrate the devastating effects that window collisions have on bird populations around the world.

And, while Safe Wings’ display represents only a fraction of the 1 billion birds that are killed by window collisions each year across North America, it serves as a reminder that communities, citizens, and companies must do their part to implement bird-safe solutions, and practice bird-safe behaviours, wherever they’re able.

As we welcome another year, we’re filled with a renewed sense of duty and advocacy to protect birds from window collisions. So, in order to help make 2022 the most bird-friendly year yet, we’re sharing some tips to help homeowners and business owners install our window marker products.

How to Install Feather Friendly® DIY Window Markers

Feather Friendly®’s DIY window marker product is designed to be an easy and effective solution against deadly window collisions. When installed properly, our DIY tape—manufactured with the same exceptional quality as our commercial installations—will provide approximately 16 square feet of window collision prevention per roll for 8+ years. Our commercial installations are guaranteed to last between 12-25 years.

And while the new year is the perfect time to make your windows bird-safe, there are a few things you should know before you start your installation!

For optimal window collision prevention, check out the following tips:

Both our commercial and DIY products should not be installed in temperatures below 10°C, which means that, for clients in Northern climates, it’s important to plan your installation ahead of time. If it’s too cold to install your DIY product, or to book a commercial installation, we recommend taking a moment to purchase your DIY product so you can install it once temperatures warm in spring. For commercial installations, contact Feather Friendly® to learn how to get started.

And don’t forget to support bird populations in other ways: turning out your lights to reduce light pollution, keeping cats indoors, and putting out species-specific bird food and feeders, are all fantastic ways to support species during the winter.

All bird deterrent window markers must be installed on the exterior of the windows. If you’ve purchased a DIY kit for installation, please remember to read the instructions and affix your markers to the exterior of your window. If installed inside, the window markers will not be able to break up reflections that appear on the outside of the windows. DIY installation instructions and videos can be viewed on our website, so that you can be prepared for your springtime installation!

Keeping your window markers looking clean and fresh is simple! For best results, use a common cleaning solution, like soap and water, on your window markers—and then kick back, relax and enjoy their durability! Avoid cleaning with hard chemicals or high-pressure, both of which can damage the markers.

This simple, no fuss product makes it easy for homeowners across the world to protect their avian neighbors 365 days a year. If you’re eager to learn more about what makes our simple product affordable and durable, check out our Quality Assurance page to discover what makes Feather Friendly®’s little dots so powerful!

Your Journey to a Bird-Safe Space Starts in 2022!

Remember, it’s never too late to be a part of the Feather Friendly® flock! Whether you’re planning a large-scale residential installation or would like to inquire about a custom commercial design, get a head start on your bird-safe designs by contacting Feather Friendly® today!

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