A Long-Term Solution for Bird Collisions at the NREL Lab!

A Long-Term Solution for Bird Collisions at the NREL Lab!

Did you know that up to one billion birds in North America will die from a window collision each year? And while innovative and passionate researchers, scientists, birders and citizens advocate for mandatory building standards to prevent harmful window collisions, bird species across North America need our help to protect their dwindling populations.

In fact, what we need is a solution that will provide window collision prevention for decades to come. And, if you’re not sure where to start or what to use, today’s blog post will highlight the durability and longevity of Feather Friendly® window markers and how our custom commercial retrofits can help protect bird species.

We're spotlighting a commercial Feather Friendly® installation in Golden, Colorado, at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). Since the installation at the NREL, our team was thrilled to hear about the impact that Feather Friendly® bird deterrent technology has been making on the NREL’s facility since 2014! And what’s more, the lifespan of Feather Friendly Commercial solution is 12-15 years or more, so NREL will continue to enjoy the benefit of protecting local birds for many years to come.

Durability and Longevity—Now That’s Feather Friendly®!

Did you know that our bird deterrent window markers are specially designed for long-term use? In addition to protecting our feathered friends from window strikes, Feather Friendly® window markers are designed to provide convenient and durable bird-collision prevention to homeowners and business owners around the world. In fact, our DIY product makes it easy to install worry-free window collision prevention for years to come. We manufacture our product using a premium cast vinyl and a quality adhesive to ensure that your markers won’t shrink, fade or peel.

Our case study of the National Renewable Energy Lab demonstrates the quality and integrity of our line of commercial products, which are manufactured to withstand variations in weather patterns, seasons and temperatures and work with your commercial space. And, best of all, Feather Friendly® comes in a variety of specialized spacing patterns that are scientifically proven to prevent collisions without obstructing your view.

Consider our 6,700 sq ft install at the NREL! After noticing numerous bird strikes at the property’s atrium, the staff at the Lab wanted to figure out a way to protect the birds without interfering with the existing building. They selected our 2” X 2” spacing pattern, Symmetry, which was installed on the most high-risk areas of the building. The result was almost instant: in the first year of the install, the Lab reported a total of zero bird fatalities during fall migration and, over a decade later, the installation still protects 98% of all birds from fatal collisions. Receiving these updates from our commercial clients is a testament to our product and a reminder of how our actions directly affect the environment and the species within it.

Express Yourself with Our New Commercial Offerings!

If the NREL has taught us anything, it’s that our products are both durable and innovative! In fact, in the years since the install, we’re thrilled be able to offer our clients more spacing patterns than ever. Check out our commercial page to discover the newest stock patterns from Feather Friendly®!

Other customization options include colour and spacing patterns that are scientifically proven to break up reflections on the window, which enables birds to differentiate between fly throughs and solid obstacles. Express yourself with Feather Friendly® window markers by contacting us today.

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