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With several campuses across the United States, the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is known for its innovative research on modern, energy-related challenges. And their campus is no stranger to being bird-friendly: NREL’s South Mountain Table Campus has used Feather Friendly® window markers since 2014 to keep their campus bird safe.

The 2014 Installation.

In 2014, the NREL constructed a new, world-class facility, complete with an atrium and small drainage area. But, once the construction was completed, individuals at the South Table Mountain Campus started to notice numerous bird collisions at the building’s atrium. Concerned about these collisions, NREL’s team sought out an effective and durable solution that would prevent collisions and preserve the integrity of their new laboratory.

After researching a variety of products, NREL selected Feather Friendly® window markers as a durable and effective solution. The custom 6,700 square foot retrofit used Feather Friendly® markers in both Symmetry and Venetian patterns to cover the glass atrium and the windows that were closest to the creek. Following the installation, NREL monitored the windows for 45 hours a week for two, 10-week seasons to assess the effectiveness of the window treatments. The study revealed a total of 0 bird strikes during fall migration.  

The lab’s 2014 application is still protecting birds in 2021! Seven years after the install, bird collisions have been reduced by over 98%. The long-term success of Feather Friendly® window markers symbolize a major win for the birds as well as a permanent, effective solution for NREL.

Photos: The Convenience Group Inc and Thomas Ryon of NREL.

Source: Thomas Ryon, Wildlife Biologist, Environment, Health & Safety Office NREL

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