The markers cover approx. 6% to 8% of the glass surface, your view to the outside is not hindered, and in fact, after a couple of weeks, you don’t notice the markers. It’s almost like looking through a window with a screen; you don’t look at the screen; you look through or past the screen. As a side note, we have done several viewing windows of Zoos with our product. Please refer to the following link for examples: Residential Gallery

Yes! Feather Friendly® is designed to withstand regular window washings for many years. After the installation, allow the adhesive to set for 30 days before cleaning. Then you can clean with a cloth, paper towels, or rubber squeegee, and you can use typical cleaning products for glass, including soap and water and glass cleaners like Windex. However, we recommend against using pressure washers or abrasive cleaners.

Consider hiring a local window washer or handyman to apply Feather Friendly® for you. Window washers will have the equipment needed to access difficult-to-reach windows. Also, the glass should be cleaned before applying Feather Friendly® anyway! Many customers have reported that their local window washer was eager to add “installing Feather Friendly®” to their professional skill set.

As with any product designed to prevent birds from hitting glass, Feather Friendly® is far less effective if placed on the inside of the glass. Birds must be able to see the markers to avoid them (and thus avoid the glass). Reflections of the sky or nearby vegetation on the glass and glare from sunlight can make it impossible for birds to see anything placed on the inside of a window. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you apply Feather Friendly® to the outside of your window.

It depends on how much glass you plan to cover, but generally speaking, an area of glass roughly the size of a sliding glass patio door takes 1-3 hours. (This is noticeably less using our Pro-DIY solution as it lays down 5 rows at a time.) The first rows of markers take longer as you get used to working with the material, but the application should become easier and faster after a while. Check out this installation video that one of our customers posted on YouTube—it’s a great demonstration of how to apply and will give you an idea of how much time you will need.

If the screen is on the exterior side of the glass, your window IS protected from reflection issues. If the screen is located on the interior side of the glass, your window is NOT protected from reflection issues and should be treated. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@featherfriendly.com for assistance.

As long as the cleaning and installation instructions are followed, the markers have a durability and longevity of 8+ years.

Yes, it does! When following the best practice of 2" x 2" spacing, Feather Friendly® DIY Markers will provide a 95% reduction in strikes. We’re tested and approved by ABC - American Bird Conservancy, Dr. Daniel Klem Jr., the National Audubon Society and many other organizations.